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Privacy Notice

Thank you to our online store to register the book. We, you and thank you for your confidence to know that you know how to share the concern that the use of your information, I hope that your confidence in our services and security you. We, including information about your name, email address, in order to protect your personal information, and provide your shipping address and phone number. The company, in order to demonstrate a strong commitment to the Company with respect to confidentiality, we have this privacy statement. Please read well.

How do we use your information? For you to provide the best products, efficient customer service and timely update, we have collected a lot of information from you, please visit our website. You can use your personal information:

It is one or more of the information on this website, without the need to re-enter more easily to help you.
2 These fast, you can find products and services.
3 What will help us create the most important content on the site.
Update your four pairs of products and services, we must remember. information
Including: registration, order, e-mail address, cookies and other technology, protocol, product reviews, and other personal information.

How do we protect your information? We, trade, or otherwise transfer, sell foreign investment of your personal information. If there is, as the parties agree on the confidentiality of information, in order to support our business in order to operate the company's website, or give you the service, the first can be a reliable This does not apply to the organization of the tripartite. We also can publish the information, we will release, in accordance with the laws and regulations, to apply our policy website yourself or others rights, property, appropriate to protect the security I believe it. Nevertheless, it provides visitors with no personal information other side of marketing, advertising or other purposes.

To ensure a high level of security trading experience CookiesFor, on our website, we use some of the cookies. Cookies, your computer does not contain personal data or personal injury. Cookies are stored on your computer's hard drive, and the temporary use of the information on the Internet, and also provides a small file on your online activities and information. Cookies, use of the website, we are currently in the shopping experience and baskets continue to improve our services, in order to keep track of valuable information about the market, helping job site to speed, you need to collect as you can. Accept cookies, most web browsers. However, you need to set your browser to reject cookies cookie function. If you do, you may lose some of the features of this website. It provides detailed information about how Internet advertising cookie computer control stations. If you do not disable cookies, and part of the service is no longer available for this site, please note that there is a possibility that your enjoyment depends on the site.

Our web site in order to get access to some of your use or a specific service, "Yes, in response to your request, you will be asked to fill in questionnaires and information. Hope nickname, in the case of a site, including your email address and password, . If you want to use our website, you can, among other things, allows you to create a profile by building relationships, to create a variety of channels, e-mail, perform a search query, the description and the information to send delivery. In most cases, because we had to hold your information, you or browse the saved list, you can send back a message.

Book your own risk information. We can access to set your privacy settings to limit your options, but what security measures Please note that were not perfect or inexplicable. Beyond our control, others you can share your pages and information manipulation. Thus, we can not guarantee that it is not available on the web site - not just information to be seen by the people that you are not permitted. The company, in order to avoid security measures to be not responsible for the privacy setting, or suppression, please check the Internet. You know, to stay after you delete a copy of which was seen your information and even cache page file, or other users to copy or save the information, you agree that.